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A real blast(-off) from the past here, with Pack-In Video's oddball rendition of classic computer simulation Lunar Lander... or more likely Atari's arcade rendition of the concept. There has never been another adaptation of Lunar Lander quite like this before, though... especially the parts where you dodge aliens while plundering the moon's resources.

And here we arrive at last at the end of NES Works 1986. Thankfully, we've saved the best for last. Gradius turns the tables on the NES's woeful early third-party days, presenting a cutting-edge contemporary arcade shooter with a minimum of compromises. It's not arcade-perfect, but it's every bit as satisfying as the original Gradius — a promising sign for new NES publisher Konami, who jumps immediately to the front of the console race with this debut release.

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The penultimate NES release of 1986 finds Data East once again struggling to find its voice as a console publisher. Karate Champ takes a seminal arcade release and turns it into an NES dud best forgotten, despite appearing on the surface to be a largely faithful conversion. It's all in the details....

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Capcom brings its NES development in-house with its third NES release, Commando, and nothing will ever be the same again. A fairly straightforward shoot-em-up offers a perfect trial run for the factors that will help propel the company to the upper echelons of NES development: Rock-solid technical underpinnings and home-exclusive content.

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The second (and, as it happens, final) Micronics/Capcom joint for NES falls upon the cruel arcade torture implement known as Ghosts ’N Goblins. While it's a more technically competent port than 1942, the trademark Micronics jank makes a tough game even more brutal. You'll notice this video doesn't contain any footage captured beyond the second boss, and that is because I have better things to do with my life than dash my brains repeatedly against the torture implement that is this game. Anyway! Things get better from here.