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The NES gets its third third-party title, its second wrestling game, and yet another trash fire to burn away into the night. This may be the worst NES release yet thanks to its bizarre and poorly handled rendition of pro wrestling. But at least it gave us some memes.

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The NES's second third-party release came to us courtesy of the same companies behind M.U.S.C.L.E., but thankfully it wasn't quite so dire. It's certainly not great, but there seems to have been a modicum of competence and even creativity behind it — this, despite its basis in another anime license.

Thanks to Steve Lin for use of the boxed copy of the game!

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The NES gets its very first game from a third-party publisher, and... it really makes you pine for relative classics like Urban Champion and Stack-Up. TOSE and Bandai assault the sense with this vaguely wrestling-like brawler based on the M.U.S.C.L.E. Things toyline and Kinnikuman anime. The Nintendo Seal of Quality finds itself stretched to the breaking point in its very first outing.

While far from perfect (check out that abominable frame rate!), this adaptation of Capcom's popular platformer based on Disney's DuckTales cartoon is without question the best NES-to-Game Boy conversion we've yet seen on Game Boy Works. Demonstrating smart choices in terms of sprite art, level design, and mechanics, it's a fantastic port hampered only by a few instances of iffy programming. Once again, Capcom gets it when it comes to Game Boy.

Wrapping up Game Boy Works' solid month of sports titles, we have the most leisurely of the bunch: Data East's Side Pocket. Despite lacking a few features found in other ports of the game, this is a well-crafted take on billiards — albeit quite an unforgiving one.

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Created by Human Entertainment and following on the heels of Nintendo's Pro Wrestling and the legendary Fire Prowrestling franchise, HAL Wrestling is regarded by some as the high point of pro wrestling games on Game Boy. There are plenty more to come, though, so it looks like the genre peaked early…

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