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Revenge of the Gator proved the Game Boy was more than capable of supporting an excellent pinball game. Now, Jaleco proves that not all pinball games are created equal with this underwhelming take on the subject. A motley assembly of obscure Jaleco characters can't save this one from mediocrity, I'm afraid.

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Welcome to the '90s! Sorry it doesn't get off to a better start. But alas, Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear is about as mundane and insipid as 8-bit platformers come, a huge step back in quality and ambition from its two NES predecessors. Everything that made the first two Wizards & Warriors games notable is missing here, leaving nothing but a floppy-footed knight with a tendency to jump a little too vigorously. The first Game Boy title of the '90s, and the first Western-developed Game Boy game, is kind of a bust.

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Game Boy may have ruled portable gaming, but Nintendo's was not an uncontested victory. In this side story to Game Boy World, we look at the first competitor to Game Boy: Atari Lynx, which launched in the U.S. mere weeks after Game Boy's debut. Why did Lynx lose out to Nintendo's system, and why does it remain a notable system to this day despite its failure?

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The final entry in the Metroidvania Chronicles "prequel trilogy," this episode looks at the world's first great platformer, Donkey Kong. Not that the world needs yet another Donkey Kong retrospective, but at least this one tries to take a different perspective on it. Go on, give it a watch. 

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