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Yet another old PC game makes its way to Game Boy: First Star's Boulder Dash. It loses the custom level builder and gains a new art style, but otherwise this is a faithful (and perfectly decent) conversion of a computer gaming classic for the small screen. Again.

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By Patron request, here's a "controversial game": An unlicensed and slightly smutty American game that became straight-up porn when Japanese publisher Hacker International got ahold of it. And to further tempt the fates, they sold it with packaging that made it look like a Mario game starring Princess Peach. Some men want to watch the world burn; myself, I'd settle for burning this janky excuse for an NES game.

Special thanks as well to Steve Lin and the Video Game History Foundation for lending me access to this rare game in order to create this project video!

One of the all-time great Nintendo third-party publishers makes its debut on NES here, but this release — produced by infamous low-grade development contractor Micronics — offers little to hint at the greatness we could eventually come to expect from the Capcom name.

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Yet another game by TOSE and Bandai based on a Japanese manga and anime property. Oh noooo! But wait. Ninja Kid is actually... kinda good? Like, legit fun in an old-school arcade sort of way, with varied level objectives and play styles, and a pretty decent power-up system. Maybe this whole "NES third party content" thing isn't doomed to trash-tier video game hell after all....