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Hey kids, let's celebrate 25 Super NES by kicking off a (very infrequently updated) new video series: Mode Seven. Like Good Nintentions, it'll be a chronological survey of U.S. releases for Super NES, sequenced according to Nintendo's official launch dates.

This first episode, fittingly, dives into a game built entirely around this series' namesake: F-Zero, the futuristic racing game designed as a showcase for the Super NES Mode 7 feature. Convenient!

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Travel back to a time when "radical" was an innocent expression of joy rather than a loaded tool of political rhetoric. When America's hearts belonged to a quartet of adolescent amphibians named for Renaissance masters. When you could sell a portable console with a phoned-in belt-scroller. Yes, let's travel back to summer 1990 and the last days of the Foot Clan.

A classic Mac and PC puzzler takes up residence the handheld realm and finds itself an unwelcome arrival in an overcrowded neighborhood. "We already got too many of your kind! Go back to your posh world of 16-bit color and mouse interfaces!" shouted the residents of Game Boy's portable puzzle slum, pelting this unwanted intruder with tomatoes (much to Kwirk's horror).

Hmm, a Game Boy release called "Puzznic"! Whatever genre could this game belong to?

Props to Taito for even caring about this one when they could have just asked TOSE or Nova Games to barf out some rough, rushed port, but I'm having a hard time finding it in my heart to do likewise.

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