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Even if you don't care about sports, or golf in particular, you have to give credit to Nintendo's Game Boy adaptation of the sport. Rich in detail and high in quality, Golf set the standard for portable sports software. And in black-and-white, plaid doesn't look quite so offensive.

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You will believe... a radicool tomato in sunglasses shoving his way through a Boxxle-alike can be the star of one of the most surprisingly inventive games of the early Game Boy days. To know Kwirk is to love Kwirk. Now that you know of it, so must you love it. Amen.

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Just in time for Halloween 1989, Tonkin House and TOSE bring us Malibu Beach Volleyball. This summer sports game means well but doesn't quite net a flawless victory. However, it does feature more exposed flesh than any other Game Boy release to date. So that's something.

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It's the biggest franchise name on Game Boy since Super Mario Land. Alas that Castlevania: The Adventure is nowhere near as good as Mario's first portable outing. Join me for this video lamentation as we explore the failings of what should have been an instant classic. Then weep.

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After making an unremarkable Game Boy debut with a port of Shanghai, HAL Laboratory returns in short order to grace the world with the far more spectacular Revenge of the Gator. Sure, it's just a single-table pinball game, but it shimmers with quality. Shimmers, I say.

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