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As a Patreon request, we've skipping ahead a couple of years for a quick look at one of the true technological marvels of the Game Boy library: Argonaut's X, a first-person, free-roaming, mission-based, ground and air shoot-em-up. While I'm saving a proper dissection of its game mechanics for whenever we get to Game Boy World 1992, there's more than enough history and trivia surrounding this release to make for a meaty discussion.

(Special thanks to David Morton for this episode request.)

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A startlingly good conversion of the classic arcade brawler (or the NES version of it, anyway). But there's one tragic flaw keeping this otherwise excellent port from sitting within Game Boy's top rankings...

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The NES gets its very first rendition of American football — and on launch day, too! All thanks to Irem, who provide the second third-party Black Box title with this conversion of the arcade game by the same title. It's not a straight port, though, adding an entirely new aspect to the game, as well as a multiplayer mode.

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The arcade classic makes the trip from NES to Game Boy with all the grace of a young child skipping his training wheels period to ride a mountain bike into traffic. This portable adaptation of a solid console port of a coin-op great totally misses the mark, with terribly compromised gameplay and some gratingly out-of-tune music.

The very first third-party release for NES... mostly. Developed by Irem, based on an Irem arcade game, yet published by Nintendo in both Japan and the U.S., Kung-Fu is something of an edge case. Whatever the case, though, it sure did look awesome back in 1985, with its bold graphics and proto-fighting-game mechanics.

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