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The Game Boy gets its third baseball title, unsurprisingly making the so-called "thinking man's sport" also the most prolific "gaming boy's sport" as well. You may know this franchise better as R.B.I. Baseball, but since that particular bit of branding had become associated with unlicensed provocateurs attempting to undermine Nintendo's lock on the U.S. market, publisher Bandai unsurprisingly went with the different title.

By request, a look at another cult favorite Konami game that never made its way west. Arumana no Kiseki (The Miracle of Almana) will remind you of a lot of different Konami NES games... and of a certain movie franchise, too. It's not quite polished enough to have made its way to the U.S., but you can definitely see Konami's 8-bit prowess at work here.

Konami follows up on its popular NES conversion of EA skating sim Skate or Die with a game that has almost nothing to do with the source material aside from the use of skateboards. While not an entirely successful game, thanks largely to its memorization-heavy design, it is at least one of the more interesting original projects we've seen for the platform so far.

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