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Ah, now here's a combination to strike fear into the hearts of mortal man: Nova and Banpresto. But soft! Ranma 1/2 may be no staggering work of heartbreaking genius or whatever, but it's a lot better than you might expect from this dire duo. Glory be.

The good-but-not-amazing Nintendo puzzler gets a curiously compromised Game Boy version, which established a world first: Namely, the first game to debut day-and-date on both a console and a handheld system. They're essentially identical, barring some unfortunate visual changes and the lack of title screen music and intermission graphics in the Game Boy release.

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I would like to say this is some brilliant, undiscovered sequel to Taito's wonderful New Zealand Story, but that would be a lie. This odd little game is instead a remake of an old computer game dusted off to launch as a tie-in with a family-oriented Japanese film by the same title. Clumsy, ugly, and simplistic, there's very little to recommend about this game. Avoid it and stick with New Zealand Story instead.

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