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This is it: The end of Game Boy's first calendar year's worth of releases. Master Karateka brings the library of releases (at least in Japan) to 25... but, unfortunately, it doesn't bring 1989 to a rousing finale. Based on a 1984 PC classic, this brawler's age definitely shows, especially while fans of punchin' stuff were enjoying the likes of Final Fight in the arcades. Still, there's a fair amount to say about this adventure... even if I couldn't quite get past the annoying first boss while capturing footage.

Anyway, roll on 1990.

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The next-to-last Game Boy release for 1989 in Japan, The Sword of Hope wouldn't make it way to America for a year and a half. It's not a game you hear people recall with fondness, though original developer/publisher Kemco seems to have a soft spot for it. Despite its obscurity, The Sword of Hope offers surprising depth and quality, combining role-playing mechanics with the trappings of an adventure game. As interesting an experience as it is rough-hewn.

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Further ruminations on the design and narrative of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VI. This time, we follow Terra as she flees into the caves and Locke as he saves her bacon. Featuring 100% more Moogles than Part 1!

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