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The most faithful NES-to-Game-Boy conversion to date arrives with this near-simultaneous rendition of Kid/Taxan collaboration Burai Fighter. Does it live up to the source material? Well... let's just say you'd never know I'm capturing this Game Boy footage at 60 frames per second. Kid gave it a heck of a try, and even made quite a few adjustments to the game to keep the difficulty from being unfairly punishing, but the poor little Game Boy had its limitations....

Fun trivia: This episode also represents the first time I've used my own video capture of Game Boy Color footage. My setup needs some work, but it's getting there....

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June 1990 brings the very first Game Boy sequel to an earlier Game Boy game. Naturally, that sequel is Boxxle II. I mean, everything else on Game Boy has been based on Boxxle, so why not a proper sequel?

As this episode details, however, Boxxle II honestly has no reason to exist — Game Boy's glut of puzzlers has given us brain-teasers far more inventive than this straight port of the original box-pusher. Including, I'm afraid, the game that immediately precedes Boxxle II: SNK's Game Boy debut, Dexterity.

With the Boxxles as bookends, I've also taken this opportunity to offer a recap of just HOW MANY puzzle-like games we've seen on Game Boy to date. Buckle in — it's about to get funky.

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Coconuts Japan brings us a Game Boy release with a terribly deceptive title; this is THREE card games, not just one. By far the most mundane and straightforward bit of Game Boy we've yet seen, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you want to play card games, well, here's Card Game.

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A double dose of licensed mediocrity for you! Far more information than you could ever need on the tragic failings of two games based on Japanese TV, toys, and anime: Ultraman Club and Zoids Densetsu. These games were never released in America, and it turns out for good reason.