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The second racing game developed by HAL for Nintendo would be the first to reach the U.S. — and little surprise, as Mach Rider more than any other NES launch title seems deliberated crafted to appeal to the tastes and interests of American gamers!

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Nintendo's third creation for their 16-bit console took an atypical approach for the company at the time, presenting players with a highly technical flight sim that demanded consistent, precision mastery of its varied mechanics. There's not really all that much game here, as the developers strained to exceed the boundaries of their new console, but good luck seeing this brief flight school course through to the end!

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Welcome to Good Nintentions 1986! Sort of! Donkey Kong Jr. Math's release date is the subject of some uncertainty, but it's hard to imagine much of anyone cares. There's not much good about this game, which in some ways feels as though it was shipped before being completed. The very definition of a quick-and-dirty attempt to fill out a release schedule with a game nobody ever asked for.

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Join me on an exciting journey beyond the realm of my comfort zone for this look at a vintage war game best enjoyed by two people. Power Mission (or rather, "Power Missiøn") was a reasonably decent strategy game that would be immediately overshadowed by superior and better-promoted takes on the genre, including Nobunaga's Ambition and (in Japan) the precursor to the Advance Wars series. A perfectly acceptable genre piece lost forever to history…

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As a preface to Good Nintentions 1986, here's a look at an early 1986 game thaaaaat never actually came to the U.S. on NES and is therefore ineligible for normal coverage. Yes, it's Konami's The Goonies, the oddly missing link to The Goonies II that Americans only ever saw on PlayChoice-10.

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