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A legendary developer still finding its voice gives us a remarkable, but not particularly good, take on table tennis. Somehow, a ping pong game from 1990 arguably offers players even less control over the action than Pong did! But it looks pretty nice, at least.

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More songs about buildings and kongs. The origins of Donkey Kong, and how his NES version came about and compared to other adaptations of the game. And now we can move along to... other Donkey Kong games.

The first entry in a two-part look back at the most important game of Nintendo's early days, Donkey Kong. This half of the retrospective focuses on the design of the game and why it stood out from its arcade peers to become such a phenomenon.

Note: I realize there's an error in the script (re: Space War), but I was unable to go back and correct it — I'm currently suffering from a severe cold and have no voice. (It's a lucky break that I recorded the voiceover for this in advance.)

Yep, it's another Game Boy release based on an anime, and you know what that means: The game itself is pretty lousy and forgettable, so the episode mostly consists of me waxing rhapsodic about the property itself. Patlabor was great, and deserved a MUCH nicer interactive adaptation. But such is the world we live in.