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By request of David Morton, a look at a game that wouldn't normally have come up in Good Nintentions: Konami's Bio-Miracle Bokutte Upa. A charming little platformer, the most fascinating thing about it may be the way it deftly combines elements from games that had come before it while also including mechanics and aesthetics of classics that would show up months or even years after its debut. Not bad! Definitely worth tracking down on Wii Virtual Console.

It's the end of the NES hardware retrospective as we know it, and I hope you feel fine. You'll probably feel better if you catch up with the first two chapters first...

A quick interstitial episode of the Good Nintentions origin story before we move along to the main event. The Advanced Video System never actually made its way to market, but it nevertheless existed as a key link between the Famicom and the NES and deserves study. Part 3 will be along sooner than you expect!

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And that about wraps it up for Super Mario World. Thanks and good night, everyone. I promise I won't do another multi-parter ever, ever again. Well, campaign promise. Which is to say: Expect a multi-parter for Final Fantasy II in a few months.

(Check out parts one and two before watching this video — it'll make a lot more sense that way!)

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The second part of this rather overlong examination of the Super NES's key launch title looks at the importance of the mighty Cape power-up, and how Super Mario World embodies the concept of "Nintendo-esque." Look for the final part in this retrospective next week! (I hope.)

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