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The second racing game developed by HAL for Nintendo would be the first to reach the U.S. — and little surprise, as Mach Rider more than any other NES launch title seems deliberated crafted to appeal to the tastes and interests of American gamers!

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Nintendo's third creation for their 16-bit console took an atypical approach for the company at the time, presenting players with a highly technical flight sim that demanded consistent, precision mastery of its varied mechanics. There's not really all that much game here, as the developers strained to exceed the boundaries of their new console, but good luck seeing this brief flight school course through to the end!

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Welcome to Good Nintentions 1986! Sort of! Donkey Kong Jr. Math's release date is the subject of some uncertainty, but it's hard to imagine much of anyone cares. There's not much good about this game, which in some ways feels as though it was shipped before being completed. The very definition of a quick-and-dirty attempt to fill out a release schedule with a game nobody ever asked for.

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Join me on an exciting journey beyond the realm of my comfort zone for this look at a vintage war game best enjoyed by two people. Power Mission (or rather, "Power Missiøn") was a reasonably decent strategy game that would be immediately overshadowed by superior and better-promoted takes on the genre, including Nobunaga's Ambition and (in Japan) the precursor to the Advance Wars series. A perfectly acceptable genre piece lost forever to history…

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As a preface to Good Nintentions 1986, here's a look at an early 1986 game thaaaaat never actually came to the U.S. on NES and is therefore ineligible for normal coverage. Yes, it's Konami's The Goonies, the oddly missing link to The Goonies II that Americans only ever saw on PlayChoice-10.

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By request of David Morton, a look at a game that wouldn't normally have come up in Good Nintentions: Konami's Bio-Miracle Bokutte Upa. A charming little platformer, the most fascinating thing about it may be the way it deftly combines elements from games that had come before it while also including mechanics and aesthetics of classics that would show up months or even years after its debut. Not bad! Definitely worth tracking down on Wii Virtual Console.

It's the end of the NES hardware retrospective as we know it, and I hope you feel fine. You'll probably feel better if you catch up with the first two chapters first...

A quick interstitial episode of the Good Nintentions origin story before we move along to the main event. The Advanced Video System never actually made its way to market, but it nevertheless existed as a key link between the Famicom and the NES and deserves study. Part 3 will be along sooner than you expect!

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And that about wraps it up for Super Mario World. Thanks and good night, everyone. I promise I won't do another multi-parter ever, ever again. Well, campaign promise. Which is to say: Expect a multi-parter for Final Fantasy II in a few months.

(Check out parts one and two before watching this video — it'll make a lot more sense that way!)

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The second part of this rather overlong examination of the Super NES's key launch title looks at the importance of the mighty Cape power-up, and how Super Mario World embodies the concept of "Nintendo-esque." Look for the final part in this retrospective next week! (I hope.)

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Well, well, well, what have we here? It's a game by legendary developer Nihon Falcom! Don't get excited, though — this is a port of the very first game by Nihon Falcom, Dragon Slayer, which was six years old by this point but felt far more ancient than that. The action RPG had come a long way since Falcom staked their claim on the genre in 1984, and considering you could play the likes of its own successors Legacy of the Wizard and Ys on NES and Famicom by this point, this clunky and dated game is a hard sell. It has a certain appeal, but since it consists of a lengthy quest and lacks any option to save progress, it makes for a pretty awful Game Boy release. Oh well!

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If F-Zero was Nintendo's Super NES tech showcase, Super Mario World showed how their developers could expand on existing game concepts with the new hardware. This first half of Mode Seven's Super Mario World retrospective looks at the history of the game, where it sits in Nintendo's c.v., and the enormous impact on the adventure's design of a little green dinosaur.

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As the title might hint for those paying attention, what we have here is a Shanghai-style game about matching mahjong tiles. It adds a few unique elements and ideas, but ultimately feels less interesting as a game than as a historical footnote to a completely different game platform.

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First-person head-to-head 3D maze combat comes to Game Boy! I'm so, so sorry. Bionic Battler means well, but it sure does flop hard. With stiff and limited controls, choppy graphics, and some very weird and out-of-place music, this is a bizarre little game best left to the dustbin of history.

The first part of a look back at the NES hardware itself begins with the origins of its Japanese version, the Family Computer — Famicom for short. This episode adapted from the text of Good Nintentions 1985, with special thanks to Steven Lin.

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A wonderfully charming and immensely playable little puzzle-action game from Natsume. Yes, even on a system loaded down with games like this, there's still breathing room to appreciate exemplary renditions of the genre. Definitely one worth tracking down. (Special thanks this episode: Armen Ashekian.)

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Wow! It's a really bad fighting game on Game Boy. Who'd have guessed? This Japan-only game adaptation of a Japan-only manga and anime series from the '80s offers nothing of value for anyone unfamiliar with the franchise, or in fact to anyone, so feel free not to bother hunting it down. Let it lay forgotten in history.

This game marks the entry of new publisher Yutaka into the market. And by "new" I mean "a crummy old publisher under a new name." Can you guess which one? Do you even care?

Note: I realized after this episode was posted that the reading of the title's kanji characters found in most online English-language resources, while correct, is not the actual reading the game gives. So it's "Meioutou Kessen," not "Meikoushima Kessen." My big dumb American mistake. But, arguably the same level of quality control the game itself demonstrates, so... fitting.

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You've seen the NES lineup for 1985, when the console debuted in America. Now compare those sixteen games to the nine contained in this episode, which explores the equivalent launch time frame for the console's Japanese birth as the Family Computer back in 1983. How different were the early days for the console in its two biggest territories?

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This is it: Super Mario Bros. Everything about Good Nintentions 1985 has been leading up to this grand, climactic moment, the generational leap that justified the NES and set it apart from everything that had come before. Also, it's a pretty rad game in its own right, let's not forget that. Alas, at a mere 23 minutes long, this video doesn't begin to do the game proper justice.

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By patron request, a follow-up to last week's look at Super Mario Bros. in the form of a look at the sequel to Super Mario Bros., more or less. Yume Kōjō Doki Doki Panic is probably the best-known Famicom Disk System release of all time, and all because its relationship to Super Mario Bros. 2 rendered countless American childhoods a lie...

Special thanks to Joseph Wawzonek for the episode.

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Hey kids, let's celebrate 25 Super NES by kicking off a (very infrequently updated) new video series: Mode Seven. Like Good Nintentions, it'll be a chronological survey of U.S. releases for Super NES, sequenced according to Nintendo's official launch dates.

This first episode, fittingly, dives into a game built entirely around this series' namesake: F-Zero, the futuristic racing game designed as a showcase for the Super NES Mode 7 feature. Convenient!

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Travel back to a time when "radical" was an innocent expression of joy rather than a loaded tool of political rhetoric. When America's hearts belonged to a quartet of adolescent amphibians named for Renaissance masters. When you could sell a portable console with a phoned-in belt-scroller. Yes, let's travel back to summer 1990 and the last days of the Foot Clan.

A classic Mac and PC puzzler takes up residence the handheld realm and finds itself an unwelcome arrival in an overcrowded neighborhood. "We already got too many of your kind! Go back to your posh world of 16-bit color and mouse interfaces!" shouted the residents of Game Boy's portable puzzle slum, pelting this unwanted intruder with tomatoes (much to Kwirk's horror).

Hmm, a Game Boy release called "Puzznic"! Whatever genre could this game belong to?

Props to Taito for even caring about this one when they could have just asked TOSE or Nova Games to barf out some rough, rushed port, but I'm having a hard time finding it in my heart to do likewise.

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Ah, now here's a combination to strike fear into the hearts of mortal man: Nova and Banpresto. But soft! Ranma 1/2 may be no staggering work of heartbreaking genius or whatever, but it's a lot better than you might expect from this dire duo. Glory be.

The good-but-not-amazing Nintendo puzzler gets a curiously compromised Game Boy version, which established a world first: Namely, the first game to debut day-and-date on both a console and a handheld system. They're essentially identical, barring some unfortunate visual changes and the lack of title screen music and intermission graphics in the Game Boy release.

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I would like to say this is some brilliant, undiscovered sequel to Taito's wonderful New Zealand Story, but that would be a lie. This odd little game is instead a remake of an old computer game dusted off to launch as a tie-in with a family-oriented Japanese film by the same title. Clumsy, ugly, and simplistic, there's very little to recommend about this game. Avoid it and stick with New Zealand Story instead.

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As a Patreon request, we've skipping ahead a couple of years for a quick look at one of the true technological marvels of the Game Boy library: Argonaut's X, a first-person, free-roaming, mission-based, ground and air shoot-em-up. While I'm saving a proper dissection of its game mechanics for whenever we get to Game Boy World 1992, there's more than enough history and trivia surrounding this release to make for a meaty discussion.

(Special thanks to David Morton for this episode request.)

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A startlingly good conversion of the classic arcade brawler (or the NES version of it, anyway). But there's one tragic flaw keeping this otherwise excellent port from sitting within Game Boy's top rankings...

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The NES gets its very first rendition of American football — and on launch day, too! All thanks to Irem, who provide the second third-party Black Box title with this conversion of the arcade game by the same title. It's not a straight port, though, adding an entirely new aspect to the game, as well as a multiplayer mode.

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The arcade classic makes the trip from NES to Game Boy with all the grace of a young child skipping his training wheels period to ride a mountain bike into traffic. This portable adaptation of a solid console port of a coin-op great totally misses the mark, with terribly compromised gameplay and some gratingly out-of-tune music.

The very first third-party release for NES... mostly. Developed by Irem, based on an Irem arcade game, yet published by Nintendo in both Japan and the U.S., Kung-Fu is something of an edge case. Whatever the case, though, it sure did look awesome back in 1985, with its bold graphics and proto-fighting-game mechanics.

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Mario's final outing before his first adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom has little to do with any other game he ever starred in, and yet feels very much like an evolutionary step in the character's development.

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This cooperative platformer occupies a somewhat unfortunate place in history: It attempted to build on the concepts of the original Mario Bros., but it arrived just before Super Mario Bros. set a new standard for run-and-jump action. It's an amusing and quirky game, but its awkward controls leave it completely overshadowed by the masterpiece that was to come.

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The second half of 1990 gets rolling with the handheld debut of world-class developer/publishing combo Tamtex and Irem. Don't expect anything on the level of Metal Storm here, though; Shisenshou was a visually painfully conversion of a softcore arcade game (minus the smut, of course). Not really getting off on the best foot, alas.

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Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, this motocross game is anything but your typical racer — with its side-scrolling design and emphasis on physics and jumps, it feels almost like a rough draft for Super Mario Bros. Ah, but there's a dark and terrible secret lurking in Excitebike, hidden just off the main menu... a sign of just how much Nintendo was making up the NES launch as they went along.

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Gyromite's companion release constitutes the only other game ever officially designed for R.O.B.... and, frankly, we'd all have been better off if R.O.B.'s library had begun and ended with Gyromite. Seemingly rushed to production (the game evidently hit Japanese store shelves a month after completion), Stack-Up makes poor use of R.O.B, of the NES, and of players' time and money. At least the music is catchy.

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Skipping a bit out of sequence for this one, as we jump ahead in the NES chronology to perhaps the most fascinating game to arrive in the U.S. in October 1985. Gyromite may not have been influential the way Super Mario Bros. would be, but it played an essential cornerstone role in Nintendo's eventual conquest of the U.S. And, believe it or not, when you play the game the way it was designed to be experienced — with a complete R.O.B. setup — it can be surprisingly entertaining.

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We've seen exploratory adventures, and we've seen platformers. But here's the first exploratory adventure in the form of a platformer: David Crane's Pitfall for Atari 2600. We're still digging through Metroidvania's roots, but those roots are starting to look more and more familiar…

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Pac-Man? Everybody loves that guy! Nintendo loved Pac-Man so much it made two games just like it, and this episode looks at the pair: Both Clu Clu Land and its import-only sibling, Devil World. Their similarities and differences speak volumes about the game company Nintendo was shaping up to be.

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There's not a lot to say about 1985's third and final NES light gun shooter, so after a brief look into Hogan's Alley this episode digs a bit into how the sausage is made — both in terms of how the NES Zapper worked, and what it takes to get the best possible footage of its games.

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We continue our journey through Nintendo's October 1985 NES lineup with the first release that had notable impact on the rest of the industry: Golf. The most widely played and distributed golf sim to debut in 1984 (in Japan), Nintendo's take on the sport codified a number of elements that would become standard for the genre, most notably the swing power meter. It's 30 years old, but it's still a pretty fun take on the sport!

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The game that convinced Nintendo that, yeah, bringing the NES to America would be a good idea arrives at last: Duck Hunt, the iconic shooting game. It's simplistic and goofy by today's standards, but Duck Hunt didn't succeed despite those traits... it succeeded BECAUSE of them. An intuitive, whimsical, dynamic shooting game that remains a beloved classic even now—and for good reason!

Check out for more on the game.

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Game Boy World 1990 Vol. I comes to a close with the first game of the year's second half... and, alas, the first game published by LJN. I know they can't all be winners, but this one takes losing a little far...

Game Boy World is taking a hiatus for a few months. It'll return later this year, though! In the meantime, look forward to videos about games on other systems.

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Sometimes a game comes along that fails to make its way to the U.S., and our lost opportunity is very sad and disappointing. This is not one such game. Volleyfire isn't the worst thing to flow down the Game Boy pipeline, but it feels like a game that would be resembled a relic from a bygone era even in 1990. Needless to say, a game that didn't hold up well at launch holds up even more poorly in the present day.

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Game Boy has a near-miss with greatness in this wildly ambitious and wildly uneven combo of shoot-em-up and first-person RPG.

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The most faithful NES-to-Game-Boy conversion to date arrives with this near-simultaneous rendition of Kid/Taxan collaboration Burai Fighter. Does it live up to the source material? Well... let's just say you'd never know I'm capturing this Game Boy footage at 60 frames per second. Kid gave it a heck of a try, and even made quite a few adjustments to the game to keep the difficulty from being unfairly punishing, but the poor little Game Boy had its limitations....

Fun trivia: This episode also represents the first time I've used my own video capture of Game Boy Color footage. My setup needs some work, but it's getting there....

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June 1990 brings the very first Game Boy sequel to an earlier Game Boy game. Naturally, that sequel is Boxxle II. I mean, everything else on Game Boy has been based on Boxxle, so why not a proper sequel?

As this episode details, however, Boxxle II honestly has no reason to exist — Game Boy's glut of puzzlers has given us brain-teasers far more inventive than this straight port of the original box-pusher. Including, I'm afraid, the game that immediately precedes Boxxle II: SNK's Game Boy debut, Dexterity.

With the Boxxles as bookends, I've also taken this opportunity to offer a recap of just HOW MANY puzzle-like games we've seen on Game Boy to date. Buckle in — it's about to get funky.

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Coconuts Japan brings us a Game Boy release with a terribly deceptive title; this is THREE card games, not just one. By far the most mundane and straightforward bit of Game Boy we've yet seen, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you want to play card games, well, here's Card Game.

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A double dose of licensed mediocrity for you! Far more information than you could ever need on the tragic failings of two games based on Japanese TV, toys, and anime: Ultraman Club and Zoids Densetsu. These games were never released in America, and it turns out for good reason.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the idea of another puzzle game sounded like pure suffering. Thankfully, some janky imports put things in perspective... and, of course, it helps that this latest puzzler—Asmik's Catrap, a remake of 1985's Pitman—is pretty darned good on its own, too.

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Game Boy gets its first old-school dungeon crawler, one of the least common genres on the system. This one offers an atypical setting for the genre (ancient Japan!), which is aesthetically cool yet somewhat frustrating in practical terms: The game text, which has never been localized or fan-translated into English, displays entirely in cumbersome traditional hiragana script (even English loanwords like "damage"). So it's a bit tough to play if you're not comfortable with reading awkwardly displayed Japanese text—and the heavy need for grinding up experience points doesn't help. It's not a bad RPG, though! Just a bit unfriendly to foreigners.

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A look back at Nintendo's Wild Gunman, the first-ever NES light gun game, and a shooter whose simple design belies its remarkable heritage. Best known in the U.S. for its faked-up cameo in Back to the Future Part II, Wild Gunman was to Japanese fans at the time the latest entry in a line of product evolution that stretched back more than a decade.

Both Florent Georges' book The History of Nintendo 1889-1980 and the Before Mario blog ( were invaluable resources as I researched this retrospective. Be sure to check them out!

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Though it tends to be overlooked in studies of role-playing history, Venture iterated on the concepts of Atari's Adventure in a way that made the action RPG viable as an arcade experience—a forgotten yet important influence on metroidvania games.

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Here we have the first NES release that wasn't based on a sport... yet it's hardly a bastion of creativity. By 1984, when Pinball debuted on Famicom, pinball had established itself as one of the most popular subjects for video games. Pinball stood apart, though, due to its remarkable quality... thanks in large part to a pinch-hit assist from future Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

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Game Boy certainly didn't lack for puzzle action games in its early years, as we've seen. And here's another one! Lock ’N Chase, however, isn't merely some quick-and-sleazy money grab (despite the fact that the box art says, "Take the money and run!")—this game has an impressive history behind it, and its design reflects an attempt to build on Data East's arcade heritage. And it's pretty fun, too.


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