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There's this one guy who comments on pretty much every Game Boy World video I post to say, "Bet you can't wait until you cover a good game, huh?" Well, here we go. Nemesis may not bear the Gradius name, but it's clearly a Gradius game... and a better and more satisfying take on the series than Castlevania: The Adventure had been for its respective franchise. A dense, beautifully designed shooter that doesn't compromise the player's options (and Options) or the number of hazards flying around despite the limited hardware, Nemesis even goes a step further by offering a huge array of difficulty options to let fans play their own way — fairly easy, super tough, or in between. Easily one of the standouts for the platform to date.

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In February of 1990, Japanese Game Boy owners were treated to two curiously similar board game adaptations in a row: Kawada's portable rendition of Othello, and Towa Chiki's gomoku renju game Taikyoku Renju. Both can trace their origins back to the classic Japanese board game Go. This episode takes both in at once, pitting them head-to-head in a mighty struggle to the death. Or something like that.

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The first vertical shoot-'em-up for Game Boy, and the first Nintendo had produced since 1983, Solar Striker is... well, it's totally forgettable. While it did the trick in terms of providing a shooter for the Game Boy in its early days, and it played well on the system despite its poor screen, it did little else of note. 

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One of the most influential games of all time makes its way to Game Boy — ironically well after two games that heavily borrowed from its classic design showed up on the platform. Heiankyo Alien may not be as well known as Lode Runner or even Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World, but neither of those games would exist without its groundbreaking design. The venerable PC is neatly presented here... along with a fancy remake.

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So it turns out making a bowling video game is pretty tough, especially on Game Boy. Sadly, developer Athena wasn't quite up to the task, turning the favorite pastime of dudes with one huge forearm into what amounts, mechanically, to a weaker version of Golf. They can't all be winners, but 1990's off to a pretty bad start so far.

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