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Hey! It's another puzzle game. But this one's quite unlike anything else we've seen on Game Boy to date. Based on the 1989 arcade puzzler Plotting, this one involves throwing blocks and trying to make matches while avoiding locking yourself out of future moves. It's simple-looking and a little bit complicated in practice, but a lot of fun regardless.

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Konami gets tricky this time around by combining a genre they know well (shooters) with a game style they don't (falling block puzzlers). The results are... well, mixed. But it's a nice effort. And check out that list of legendary development talent!

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From the developer and publisher of NES sports classic Bases Loaded comes... Bases Loaded for Game Boy. Except it's kind of not? Despite the common heritage and the common sport, this Bases Loaded isn't exactly a straight-up portable conversion. More like a different take on the sport. And it's 100% more enjoyable with a friend, because 8-bit sports games tend to be pretty terrible solo. This is no different!

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