Video Works by Jeremy Parish

This episode is all about the number three: Our third Lynx retrospective, and the second of three for 1990, looking at third-party licensed titles for the year. Of which there were... four. Well, close enough.

Perhaps even more so than the first-party Atari conversions from last episode, these four games really show off the strengths of the Lynx as a platform. Not only are all four games solid and mostly faithful interpretations of coin-op hits, there are one or two that might well be the definitive home adaptations of those particular properties.

Under examination this episode: Namco's (well, GCC's) Ms. Pac-Man, Midway's Rampage and Xenophobe, and Tecmo's Rygar. An eclectic mix of old and (for the time) new. Which ones fare well and which ones fare awesomely? Only by watching this video in its entirety will you know for sure.

(Please do not be alarmed by the presence of a human face introducing each game. He means you no harm and is merely attempting to game the algorithm.)

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